Children's Health Center of Columbus, Inc.

Back Row L to R: Raven, Tina, Trevor, Sherry, Stephanie

Front Row L to R: JaMika, Dana, LaRikka, Lexi, Cherie

Pediatric Healthier You Clinic


"I became a Pediatrician for one reason - I Like Kids! I enjoy watching children grow and finding solutions to their health care problems. I have a specific love for preemies and sick newborns. I have acquired expertise in this area with many years experience in Neonatology."

Front Office Team

Will McDow, ACSM


Meet The Staff

L to R: Amanda, Sabrina, Mary Ellen, Patti

“I feel blessed to have the rare opportunity to care for God’s most precious gift, children.It is enjoyable to see children’s growth & rewarding to be influential in improving their health. I take pride in my responsibility to provide quality care to every patient & strive to treat each child as if they were my own. Thank you to each parent that privileges me with the opportunity to care for you child.”

Back Row L to R: Gwen, Patti, Angela, Nina

Front Row L to R: Brittany, Brittney, Tiffany, Brooke, Kelly

Lindsay Kemp, CFNP

Nurse Team

The Providers

Calvin French, CFNP

Jacob Skiwski, M.D., FAAP

Mollie Cornelius, CFNP

"I enjoy taking care of children because they are gifts from God. They are a heritage and the builders of tomorrow. It is an honor as well as a privilege to be instrumental in caring for a gift so precious. To every parent, I say, "Thanks."

“I am thankful for the honor of caring for and working with children. Each child is a gift from God and I will use this opportunity to care for these children as my own. I recognize the growing responsibility to provide quality care to each child and continually strive to accomplish this goal. Thank you for each patient that allows me to care for them.”

We would like you to take a moment to meet our staff here at CHCC. Our staff includes a board certified pediatrician, three board certified nurse practitioners, lifestyle management clinic, nurses, and front office staff.